When people think of pets they usually think of the most common types. This might be a dog or cat. Some people like to have some fish or a bird. But even these usual kinds of pets offer us many choices. For example there are hundreds of types of dogs from a large German Shepard to the smallest Chihuahua. There are also many breeds of cats which may have long fur, short fur or even almost no fur at all. If you are interested in fish then you should choose whether you want fresh water or salt water varieties. In your selection of a bird you might choose a small lively parakeet or canary or a large talkative parrot.

Other kinds of creatures can also be kept as pets. Some reptiles can make interesting pets, as can some types of incests. There are some types of animals that should never be kept as pets because it is very cruel, and even dangerous, to do so. An example would be a lion or other types of large cats as well as certain types of wild dogs or wolves. These animals are meant to roam freely, not to be kept in a small space or a cage.

Some people who live in a small house or apartment can choose to keep a small pet like some type of rodent. There are many types of rodents that people can choose from. They might choose a hamster, a gerbil, a guinea pig, a little white mouse, or even a rat. They are a good choice because they are inexpensive to buy, they don't need much space and cleaning up after them doesn't take much time. If a person has some garden space they might keep a rabbit in a special type of cage called a hutch. These types of pets have the disadvantage that they don't seem very affectionate.

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